Who are the IRMT?

International Register of Massage Therapists (IRMT)

Who are the IRMT?

We have been in existence for 42 years. A privilege granted only to the favoured few is to be registered with our prestigious organization, an internationally based Register of Professional Therapists founded in 1978 by David Reade, FFPhys, who having previously trained with an osteopath and other physical therapists ran one of the first full-time Physical Therapy colleges in the United Kingdom.

We provide courses for anyone serious about a career in the Complementary or Physical Therapy professions. Our Diplomas are widely accepted throughout the UK and abroad for the purposes of licensing, employment and professional indemnity insurance (available to qualified persons through our connection.)

Why choose the IRMT?

We offer high quality training courses through external tutors, many of whom have started their careers training with us – of which we are very proud.

Our Diplomas are widely accepted throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Our courses concentrate heavily upon the hands-on application of knowledge and skill. The IRMT, through their examination board, IRMTEB, insist on many hours of practice before issuing Diplomas. Our sponsored courses also include anatomy and physiology and theory. When our students graduate they have the confidence and ability to work knowledgeably and safely after having been assessed for competence by our examiners.

Bulletins are issued to allow members to keep in touch with the world of therapies, with other students and with changes in legislation in the UK and abroad which might affect them. We also provide confirmation of qualifications with employers and local authorities. The IRMT accept membership applications from those with appropriate diplomas from other organizations. See LIKE TO JOIN US? – and download an application form.

Professional indemnity insurance for qualified therapists is offered via the IRMT at very reasonable rates, starting from ₤49.75 per annum for a ₤2.5 million limit through our scheme with Holistic Insurance Services. (See LIKE TO JOIN US?)

IRMT graduates enjoy the freedom to work in many prestigious settings in the UK and abroad. Our membership has included physicians, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports and beauty therapists, dentists, paramedics and nurses.

Since the year 1978, the IRMT have been offering services to and support for the healing professions. If you are qualified and would like to join us, see LIKE TO JOIN US? page. If you would like to be qualified, see NEED TO QUALIFY? page. 

International Register of Massage Therapists Examination Board (IRMTEB)

The IRMTEB was founded in 1979, and approved by the London Boroughs as an independent examining body in that year.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS or of other organizations with initials similar to ours. We are the original INTERNATIONAL REGISTER OF MASSAGE THERAPISTS (since 1978) and EXAMINATION BOARD – IRMT AND IRMTEB – and have no connections with any other therapy organizations in the United Kingdom.

E-mails may be sent direct to the Chairman, David Reade:
davidreade@yahoo.com  or General administration irmt_eb@yahoo.co.uk



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